Continuous thoughts on neuroscience

Since last week, I’ve seen a surge of stories about how “your brain is like spaghetti.” With images of sauce-soaked pasta noodles and meatballs, I read onto to discover the awe and wonder that resides with the topic of neuroscience.
Like the city of Manhattan, our brain (if expanded) extends for miles. In fact, the length of our “brain wire” is millions of miles. Amazing? Just a bit. To imagine the quantity of a million anything packed within my skull is incredible. NPR’s “How your brain is like Manhattan” led me to the TED talk by Sebastian Sung “I am my connectome.” Sung describes the connectome as this model of neural connections and activity. It is unique to us – such as our DNA.

Neural activity is the basis of our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. It is a stream of consciousness, quite literally like a stream of water, and causes change with in the brain. Our experiences are changing our connectome. Our thoughts are changing our connectome.

As I mentioned earlier, our brain wiring can extend millions of miles. Such length and thus the “routes” to take are vast. I’m imagining the tunnels and paths that were created when I used to press down on my closed eyelids as a kid. Apparently, some commenters on Vimeo share this (probably really bad for you) childhood hobby. So knowing that the these connections have a million miles of “wiring” to go through, it’s easy to imagine that misfires occur. These misfires can be found in mental disorders such as Autism and Anorexia. By knowing and understanding our unique connectomes, we can help in the discovery and future cure of these mental disorders.

This post is LaurieAnn vs. Boredom and how she maintains sanity to restore challenge.

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